Built for geoscientists by geoscientists. And a physicist.

Modelr has a robust, clean, and flexible interface that lets you focus on building meaningful synthetic seismic experiments.

For seismic interpreters

Model simple geometries like wedges and channels quickly. See variable density plots, wiggle displays, and the model itself.

Modelr seismic model example

Explore the frequency domain

Inspect frequency 'gathers' for tuning effects. Analyse signal and bandwidth requirements for survey design.

Modelr seismic model example

Stochastic AVO modeling

Don't sweep uncertainty under the rug. Make it work to your advantage!

Modelr seismic model example Modelr seismic model example

Arbitrary models

Transform arbitrary geologic cross-sections into rock property models. Draw anything! Here's how.

Modelr seismic model example

Explore the data

2D models have 4 dimensions: space, time, incidence angle, and wavelet frequency. Explore them all in the interactive display.

Modelr seismic model example

Some of the things we're working on

  • Full elastic, finite difference waveform simulation.
  • Import and export logs and seismic.
  • Arbitrary earth models.
  • Fluids, anisotropy, and lots more earth properties.

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